Sunday, October 30, 2016

i <heart> nfl: nosedive

Happy Halloween weekend, everyone! Here are some last-minute costume ideas for you, although I'd add an NFL executive receiving an award for domestic abuse prevention as the most ironic. I'm going as Sam Bradford because I'm lazy. And here's more evidence that the Chinese are winning at our very own game.

TNF: The Smurfs handily defeated the Grey Poupon and their barely alive coach.

Sun 9:30am: The DC Fighting Snyders aim to pass water in the general direction of the Cincy Bagels. 

1pm: The World Series of football is today and unbelievable N-Y-J-E-T-S QB Fitzmagic is back under center against a Cleveland Browns franchise that's not forced to start their 27th QB since 1999's league expansion. The fastest guy on the field and a Lyft driver who knows what number is after 68 travel to the best Halloween costume of the season. The Zony Cards try to avoid bullshit plays as they face off with the Carolina Panthers.  Whoever the D'town Lions QB may be, it's almost certainly better that the historic catastrophe the Texas Houstons play at the position.

4pm-ish: My Dirty Birds aim to not get interfered with against the GB Packers, in a matchup that looks to be long on yards but short on D.

SNF: The Cowboys and Eagles look to make history by playing a game with each other's quarterbacks.

MNF: Da Bears QB Jay Cutler is miraculously cleared to play and super excited about consultants looking into why his team is so bad as they host the soft as slaughtered stuffed animals Minnie Vikes. 

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