Sunday, October 16, 2016

i <heart> nfl: the waldo moment

I'm not going to let a little brain damage stop me from getting out your football outlook, even if it is almost halftime!

TNF: San Diego Superchargers HC Mike McCoy ran out of ways to lose, and so they defeated the Denver Broncos. Game recap provided by Philip Rivers' face.

Sun 1pm: The DC Fighting Snyders won't be taunting the fact they can't see straight as they face the Philly Iggles. The NYF G-men should pick on someone their own size and so they will get bullied by my beloved Ravens. After starting five different QB's in five losses, the sick joke that is the Cleveland Browns will return to Josh McCown and not take any more toll on the Quarterback Cape as they face the Tennessee Titans. The Santa Clara Niners will start a social justice activist at QB, so backup QB Blaine Gabbert will kneel due to the oppression of bad quarterbacks, as they face the Trump-supporting Buffalo BIlls.

4pm-ish (Misconduct Tavern, Philly): My Dirty Birds look forward to some enlightened locker room talk with the Seattle Seahawks.

SNF: Maybe the NFL should always have flex scheduling all season given the prime time games have been boring such as this heated division rivalry between the middling Colts and Houstons, whose offense isn't even on the same page.

MNF: The N-Y-J-E-T-S are in an even more perfect place with WR Eric Decker on the IR as they visit the Zony Cards.

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