Sunday, November 6, 2016

i <heart> nfl: playtest

Here's some fun NFL Halloween stuff to distract you from the fact this posting is later.

TNF: The Bucs stopped here as my Dirty Birds flew roughshod all over them.

Sun 1pm: With Giant fan arrest rates, the NYFG aim to silence the influential Philly Iggles, who are gunning for relentless pressure on their offense, hopefully resulting in a plethora of Manningface. The scarred Cowboys and their unfashionable footwear won't make a commitment at the QB position as the McCownTown Browns embody incompetence #GPODAWUND. The Vikings host the Lions for the Ford Bowl: Sam Bradford versus Matt Stafford under center for each team, respectively. Yinzburgh Stillers QB Ben Roethlisberger and his big ass will start against my beloved Ravens.

4pm-ish: With the Cubs World Series victory, the Zony Cards become the franchise with the longest championship drought as the Santa Clara Niners look to school them while their own city takes over their stadium.

SNF: While taking hits is legal in Denver, the Broncos visit the most penalized, yet high-flying team, in this AFC West showdown.

MNF: The dildo on the field was clearly a false flag operation designed to hide the fact that not every Bills fan smashes tables while blackout drunk, distracting the Seahawks from the fact that Percy Harvin returned to the league at the WR position for the Bills, whose coach Rex Ryan secretly left the World Series early to rig the outcome for the Cubs, but the Seahawks hold the true levels of power.

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