Saturday, December 27, 2014

i <heart> nfl: philip rivers

Many questions regarding which of your teams would be going to the playoffs were resolved last week. Except of course mine, whose Week 17 features both the Falcons and Ravens vying for the final two playoff spots. So in the mean time, congratulations to the Pats/Broncos/Colts/Stillers/Bagels in the AFC and Boys/Lions/Packers/Cards/Seahawks in the NFC. 

Aside from the battle for the remaining two wildcard spots, a few games will determine division champions and therefore seeding, which are probably just a big deal for fans/rivals of these teams. But one exciting end-of-the-season event for the casual fan is the much-vaunted coach firings! My bets: Jim Harbaugh, Rex Ryan (has already cleared out his office), Marc Trestman, Ken Whisenhunt, Gus Bradley, and Analytical Ron. Hit me with yours!

The Beastquake strikes Arizona!

Sun 1pm: There are still four AFC teams competing for the final wildcard spot. The San Diego Superchargers take it with a win over the KC Reidskins, who can also take it with a win concurrent with losses by both the Ravens and Houstons. KC might have a better chance if they would throw touchdown passes to their wide receivers. The Cleveland Browns will be driving under the influence against my beloved Ravens, who also need to pull out a W (coupled with a Chargers loss). But given the Ravens recent horribleness against backup, backup QBs, that feat is far from sure. I'm very sad that Sexy Rexy had Christmas plans. A more certain victory is the Texas Houstons' imminent defeat of the future London Jags, but they'll still need  losses by the Ravens and Chargers to reach the postseason.

4:25 on the dot (PJ Leahy's, LIC): While God clearly hates the NFC South, Panther's QB Cam Newton should get his Christmas wish of his favorite team reaching the playoffs with a win. Devon Hester is already loosening up the officials for a Dirty Birds victory. The Lions defense hopes to stomp on Aaron Rodgers and his Packers, as these teams compete for the NFC North title. And the Seahawks will finish as division champions assuming they can dispatch the future (and past!) LA Rams. 

SNF: While it is a primetime game, the matchup between the Bagels and Stillers only matters for seeding, so look for your team to receive an effective playoff BYE week against the Bagels.

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