Sunday, December 9, 2018

i <heart> nfl: week 14

Welcome to December, where we can start speculating about which teams we'll see in the postseason (hint: not my Dirty Birds!). How is your team faring!?

TNF: In a staple of Thursday night football, the Tennessee Derrick Henrys embarrassed an  Jax Jags squadron the is not in The Good Place even after benching QB Blake Bortles.

Sun 1pm: My Dirty Birds are barely hanging onto their playoff hopes (nopes?) as they host a GB Pack  who has finally fired their head coach for ruining the team and former legend Brett Favre was tricked into recording an anti-Semitic video about not letting the small get you down. The QB situation of the Washington [Redacted] has gone from bad to Buttfumble Recovery to worse as they do other bad stuff, too, like signing players with domestic abuse arrests, selling a plush doll of their murdered star player, and having shitty fans in general, as they host a NYF Giants side where the star WR is fed up with the offense. Having shed the losingest coach in history, the Cleveland Browns then proceeded to trash him on the field of his new team, and are now on to host the Carolina Panthers in order to trash their playoff hopes.

4pm-ish: You'll be surprised that the 34-game parley needed to carry Jon Gruden's Raiders to the payoffs failed, while QB Derek Carr has followed his brother into Stat Hell, and they now host the Yinzburgh Steelers with QB Ben Roethlisberger crapping on his teammates for his poor performance.

SNF: In what should be a quite watchable matchup, da Bears are unlocking the real 2nd year QB Mitchy Trubes just as LA Rams QB Jared Goff is unleashing Halle Berry.

MNF: Will the Seattle Seahawks continue to dish out cheap shots against the Minnesota Vikings while these teams currently sit in the NFC Wildcard picture?

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