Sunday, November 18, 2018

i <heart> nfl: week 11

Well we've finished product roughly on time once again! Enjoy.

TNF: In some classic Mike McCarthy game mismanagement, the Packers once again dropped the ball against the Seattle Seahawks.

Sun 1pm: The Tampa Bay Bucs look to improve on their scoring ratio of 1 point per 167 yards against the suddenly entertaining NYF Giants. Hopefully my Dirty Birds will take their opponent seriously this week, coming in the form the Double J's Cowboys. The Tennessee Titans, a quantum superposition of contender and pretender, look to antagonize an Indy Colts franchise whose O-line is keeping Andrew Luck vertical for onceDoes the fact that the Pittsburgh Raiders have been successfully held out against change their game plan against a Jax Jags squadron that is back to looking like their comical selves of lateWe may get some classic RGIII action as the Ravens may need to lean on their backup backup QB against division rival Cincy Bagels. As a Bill Belichick coaching product, Matt Patricia had his D'town Lions practice in the snow in preparation for their next four indoor games, the first of which is against the Carolina Panthers.

4pm-ish: Intentional grounding on 4th down is not just a metaphor for the Oakland Raiders season, but is also the product on the field as they visit the Zony Cards.

SNF: Can the Bears trust Mitchy Trubes against division rival Minnie Vikes?

MNF: The KC Reidskins look to improve on their 9-1 coin toss record as QB Patrick Mahomes, and his presidential appetite for ketchup, recovers from being killed by his virtual self against the LA Rams.

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